Quick Facts

Fund Statistics as of 2022 Actuarial Valuation

Actuarial Accrued Liabilities: $1.3Billion
Market Value of Assets: $1.1Billion
Funded Ratio: 86.9%
Amortization Period: 35.7 years
Investment Return Assumption: 7.30%
Actual Investment Return: -10.8%
Membership: 2178 members (55% active, 45% annuitants)
City Contribution Rate:
Member Contribution Rate: 18.70%

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Commonly Used Acronyms

AV: Actuarial Valuation - Learn More
COLA: Cost of Living Adjustment 
DROP: Deferred Retirement Option Plan 
ED: Executive Director - Learn More
EDMS: Electronic Document Management System - Learn More
FOF: Fund of Funds - Learn More
FRSP: Funding Soundness Restoration Plan - Learn More
FY: Fiscal Year
GASB: Governmental Accounting Standards Board
HB: House Bill
IPPE: Investment Practices and Performance Evaluation - Learn More
IPS: Investment Policy Statement - Learn More
MET: Minimum Educational Training - Learn More
NASRA: National Association of State Retirement Administrators 
National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems
NRA: Normal Retirement Annuity
PAS: Pension Administration System - Learn More
PRB: Pension Review Board - Learn More
QC: Quality Control
QDRO: Qualified Domestic Relations Order - Learn More
RFI: Request for Information - Learn More
RFP: Request for Proposals - Learn More
SB: Senate Bill
SLA: Single Life Annuity
TEXPERS: Texas Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems
TLFFRA: Texas Local Fire Fighters Retirement Act