Beneficiary Designation

Designating a beneficiary is one of the most important decisions a firefighter can make, given the risks of serving as a first responder.

The Beneficiary Designation Guide provides detailed information for frequently asked questions regarding beneficiary designation. A summary of key information for active and retired members can be found below.

Active Members

There is no limit for changing your designated beneficiary while active.

You may change your beneficiary by submitting Form 500A to the pension office.

If you are married, your spouse is automatically designated as your beneficiary.

If you are not married but have dependent children, they are automatically designated as your beneficiary until they reach age 22 or marry.

Retired Members

Retired members are limited to two beneficiary changes post-retirement. For each beneficiary change, there will be an actuarial reduction to your monthly annuity benefit.

You may change your beneficiary by submitting Form 500R to the pension office.

Retired members who marry post-retirement will automatically adopt their spouse as their beneficiary two years following the date of marriage, without any reduction to benefits. Please notify the pension office of the marriage and submit a copy of your marriage certificate.

DROP beneficiaries can be changed by submitting the DROP Form to the pension office.

There is no consequence for changing a DROP beneficiary post-retirement. However, if you are married and choose to elect a beneficiary other than your spouse, you must provide notarized consent from your spouse.