Fund Overview


The Austin Firefighters Retirement Fund (AFRF) is a single employer contributory defined benefit plan governed by Article 6243e.1, Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes since 1975. AFRF provides retirement, disability, death, and survivor benefits to firefighters employed by the City of Austin and their beneficiaries.


Our mission is to safeguard and manage the Fund in the sole interest of the plan participants and their beneficiaries.

Fund History:

In 1937, an Act of the 45th Texas Legislature established a statewide network for firefighter pension plans, which included thirty-eight fire departments known today as TLFFRA or the Texas Local Fire Fighters Retirement Act. The Austin firefighters officially joined this group in 1942. In 1975, the 64th Legislature enacted Article 6243e-1, establishing the Austin Fire Fighters Relief and Retirement Fund independently in statute. This is the Article under which the Fund is governed today. Now known as the Austin Firefighters Retirement Fund or AFRF, the Fund currently provides retirement, disability, death, and survivor benefits to approximately 2,100 active and retired participants and their eligible beneficiaries.

Chronology of Plan Changes